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About Quooker
Founded by Henri Peteri in the 1970s Quooker has been developing their unique tap for 30 years.

The secret behind the Quooker in its pressurised holding tank which holds water at 110 degrees so as the water hits the air it is at boiling point. To ensure that the Quooker is safe the water comes out as a spray of steam rather than water and it never exceeds 0.05 litres of water per second.

This unique feature gives the Quooker a great range of versatility within the home. From making a cup of tea or coffee to sterilizing a babies bottle the Quooker has as only many uses as you can come up for it.


'Classic' Style - 3 Litre
Brand: Quooker
Code: 3CCHR
Colour: 3 Finishes
'Design' Style- 7 Litre
Brand: Quooker
Code: 7DCHR
Colour: 3 Finishes
Scale Control
Brand: Quooker
Code: QSC
Colour: N/A